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“Very pleasant experience in light of an undesirable situation. After a divorce and multiple surgeries, I was sinking under my debt. I turned to Hackett Law Firm for help and advice. I reached out over a year with questions as I weighed my options and never felt pressured. 

In the end, bankruptcy was my best option and Rosemary was amazing to work with. She was always available and willing to help me get questions answered, and always showed compassion and respect. I would recommend them to anyone who is faced with financial distress, and know you will be partnering with one of the best.”

Candance Gibson

Hackett Law Firm Offers You...

Free Initial Consultation
to go over all of your options
Reasonable Fees and
Flexible Payment Plans

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys and Staff 

The ability to talk to your bankruptcy attorney directly

Over a decade of experience in
Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Retain a bankruptcy attorney
for as little as $100

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Can Help!

At Hackett Law Firm we know bankruptcy law and focus our entire practice on helping people get a fresh start. Hackett Law Firm practices exclusively chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and we have successfully handled thousands of cases throughout Oregon and Washington.

Hackett Law Firm is happy to offer a free initial consultation to go over all of your debt relief options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. If bankruptcy appears to be a good solution we can discuss the exact costs involved, and a payment plan if needed. If you need help from a Vancouver, Washington bankruptcy attorney, call today!

At Hackett Law Firm we offer:

  • Free Initial Consultation to go over all of your options;
  • Reasonable Fees and Flexible Payment Plans;
  • Experienced Attorneys and Staff;
  • The ability to talk to your bankruptcy attorney directly;
  • Over a decade of experience in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13;
  • Ability to retain a bankruptcy attorney for as little as $100.


You can retain a bankruptcy attorney for as little as $100. Talk to us today how we can help you with your debt.

We’ll contact you to set up the consultation.

Meet Ryan Hackett

I understand that facing bankruptcy is a stressful and scary thing. Most of my clients have been struggling for years trying to avoid going bankrupt and the thought of even speaking to a bankruptcy attorney can be daunting. We believe my job is to understand exactly what kinds of debt issues the client is facing and then explain to them all of their debt relief options. 

If it appears the best option is a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy I then explain the entire process and create a game plan for the client on how we can move forward to get them much needed debt relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bankruptcies are available for individuals? 
Most people seeking bankruptcy protection file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

If I am broke, how can I pay for a bankruptcy lawyer to file bankruptcy for me? 
We understand that our clients are seeking bankruptcy protection because they are struggling financially. Our bankruptcy law firm offers reasonable fees and payment plans. At your initial consultation we can give our clients a quote on their fees and a “game plan” on how they can get us retained and make payments on their fees if needed.

Will I lose all of my assets if I file bankruptcy?  
It is actually pretty rare for a debtor to lose assets or have things sold during a bankruptcy. There are several exemptions, or protections that will protect many assets. Our experienced Vancouver bankruptcy lawyers can tell you from the start if any of your assets are at risk of being liquidated. If so, our attorney can also go over options and ideas of how to best protect your assets through a bankruptcy. This may include some pre-bankruptcy planning that can get very complex. You will want one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys to help guide you through this if needed.

Do I go to court and see a judge if I file bankruptcy?  
No. You will be required to attend a “meeting of creditors” and answer some questions from a bankruptcy Trustee. Your bankruptcy attorney from Hackett Law Firm will appear at this meeting with you. Despite being called a “meeting of creditors”, it is rare for creditors to attend these hearings and ask you questions.

How do I know if bankruptcy is right for me?   
If you find yourself struggling with any type of debt and having trouble making ends meet, it makes a lot of sense to at least explore the option of bankruptcy. The best way to determine if bankruptcy is right for you is to do a little bit of research, and then meet with a local, experienced bankruptcy attorney to go over your options. Most of us offer free consultations and are happy to discuss your situation and explore options to help you get some debt relief.

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Hackett Law Firm LLC is a federally designated Debt Relief Agency. We assist people with finding solutions to their debt problems, including, where appropriate, filing petitions for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code.

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